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Lay and science press features on the Sikora Lab's research, and media from outreach and advocacy programs.

Susan G. Komen Advocates in science "Coffee talk"

Q&A on "Invasive lobular carcinoma and its complicated relationship with the estrogen receptor" with Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance advocates Leigh Pate and Laurie Hutcheson; 10/28/21.

ILC Symposium 2021 Highlights

Post-symposium discussion of research highlights by Dr. Sikora, for our patient and advocate community

ILC Symposium 2021

ILC Symposium 2021: DR. SIkora

Dr. Sikora's presentation on our ongoing research on estrogen receptor function in ILC - understanding estrogen signaling is not "one size fits all"

ILC Symposium 2021

American Cancer Society Theorylab

In this episode of the ACS TheoryLab podcast —which skews more toward a scientific audience until the last five minutes— two American Cancer Society grantees spoke with each other about their recently published new findings in breast cancer research.

Full description, 6/2021

ILC research in the Sikora Lab

Denver7 ABC News - 8/20/2020

Respect your cells!

Researchers who don't test their serum could run into trouble, says Dr. Sikora.

Baker, M. Reproducibility: Respect your cells!. Nature 537, 433–435 (2016).