Advocacy & the FRONT range ILC NEtwork

Serving & Supporting the community of patients facing lobular breast cancer

Our lab's mission to ultimately improve the lives and outcomes of patients diagnosed with cancer cannot be achieved without the support and insight of the community we serve. Toward that end, we are proud to partner with patients and advocates in the development, implementation, and dissemination of our research. 

Support networks for patients with invasive lobular carcinoma and metastatic ILC are growing, but region-specific networks are limited in the Mountain West. Dr. Sikora and the lab are working with our patient and advocate partners to serve as a nucleating hub for the community of patients with ILC in the Denver / Front Range area and our broader region.  We hope that the Front Range ILC network can grow to serve as a source of community, resources, and engagement/advocacy for the people that we aim to serve!

Subscribe to our new newsletter, started in February 2023, to stay informed about the lab, our advocacy efforts, and Front Range ILC. Updates will go out 2-4 times annually, with additional announcements for special events in the Denver/Front Range region.


Visit our Outreach & Press page for educational & outreach videos discussing our work, breast cancer research, and our role in the broader research and advocacy community. 

Special thanks to the Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund for their support of the Sikora Lab's advocacy efforts and our building of Front Range ILC!