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Principal Investigator

Matt was born and raised in the Detroit area, and spent 9 years in Ann Arbor during his undergraduate and graduate training – Michigan football may or may not have been a slight draw to stay in AA for as long as he did. The conclusion of his time in Michigan was frantic, as Matt defended, got married, finished his dissertation, and left for his postdoc in Pittsburgh within the span of ~2 months. After 5 years in Pittsburgh, Matt heeded the call of Horace Greeley to “Go West, young man” and took his family to Colorado, joining the Department of Pathology in August 2016.

Twitter: @mjsikora 


Instructor, ​Lab Manager

Joe was raised in what is now part of Centennial, CO.  Joe’s drive to cancer biology was initiated while working with Sky High Hope Camp – a week long summer camp for pediatric cancer patients, survivors, and their siblings.  He received his undergraduate and graduate training at Colorado State University.  Joe pursued a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan prior to returning to Colorado.

Outside of the lab, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelli, and two daughters, Isla and Norah.  The family enjoys going to the zoo, the mountains, and various activities around the front range.  In what little spare time exists, Joe enjoys photography, gardening, cooking, and the occasional movie.


Research Technician

Maddy grew up in a small farming town in western Washington. From early on she held an interest in life sciences and biology, which led to pursuing bachelor degrees in Cellular, Molecular, and Biological Sciences and Chemistry from the University of Hawai’i where she was introduced to (and fell in love with) cancer biology. While living in Hawai’i was idyllic, Maddy jumped at the opportunity to expand her education and experience in cancer biology by joining the Sikora Lab where she reigns as the self-declared Western Blot Queen. She has also developed a significant soft spot for the Wnt ligand WNT4 and studying its impact and importance in breast and ovarian cancers.  

When not elbow deep in immunoblots Maddy spends her time watching terrible movies, exploring local eateries, cooking, and discovering new board games with her husband Troy. She also enjoys traveling to visit family near and far in addition to adventuring around Colorado.   

​​Twitter: @madshackless


Postdoctoral Fellow

Maggie grew up in Wyomissing, PA, and lived in the Southeast for 10 years before moving to Colorado. Maggie’s passion for cancer biology began in high school when her dad was diagnosed with fourth stage non-smoker's lung cancer. She was and is determined to reduce the physical, mental, and emotional hardships for families affected by cancer through research, outreach, and education. During her last year of graduate school, Maggie became a mom, defended her dissertation, and moved with her family across the country to begin a new exciting journey in the Sikora Lab.    

During free time, Maggie enjoys being outside- whether she’s training for a triathlon, going for walks (with her husband, Geoff, and son, Quill), or relaxing on the back porch.  



Jordan grew up on Colorado’s Eastern Plains in Bennett, Colorado.  Jordan has always had a passion for science, but her interest in cancer biology was initiated while taking care of rehab and hospice patients as a CNA during her college years. She received her BS in Biology at the University of Colorado Denver. She is currently part of the PIKE-PREP postbaccalaureate program with a focus of obtaining entry into a PhD program.

Outside of the lab, Jordan enjoys spending time playing board games, reading, gardening, home renovations, baking, and enjoying the great outdoors and food scene Colorado has to offer with her partner Peter. 


Research Technician

Sydney grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. She fell in love with science in the outdoor classes where her science teachers taught all about the nature around them. From collecting water samples from the creeks to analyzing novel therapeutic cancer treatments, she credits much of her success to her amazing teachers from elementary school to her AP chemistry teacher and the supportive chemistry/biology faculty she found at University of Richmond. Her career in cancer research began in the Pollock Lab and she is excited to continue that path with the Sikora Lab. When she’s not working, she’ll be enjoying the outdoors, reading, painting, playing guitar, skiing, and spending time with her friends. She intends on working towards an advanced degree but is currently focusing on her research. 


Research Technician

Camryn grew up in Parker, Colorado and moved to Fort Collins in 2020 to study microbiology at Colorado State University. Research in the medical community has always been a passion of hers, and when she got the opportunity to be a part of cancer research and the field of women's health at the Sikora Lab, she couldn't be more excited. Camryn plans to continue her education through a masters program and medical school in the future.

Aside from the lab, Camryn loves to play and (attempt to) make music, read, and host game nights.


Medical Student

Michael was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa for the first 18 years of his life. Through his desire to help others and solve problems through the application of math and science, Michael initially began his career in mechanical engineering. However, throughout his time in undergraduate, the pull to medicine was constant and always in the back of his mind, eventually causing him to move to Minnesota for a master’s degree in biomedical engineering. During his time in Minnesota completing his master’s degree, not only did he find and marry his wife, but he also once again felt the desire to help patients directly. Because of this, Michael applied to medical school soon thereafter and started here at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2021. 


Student Assistant, Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology Program

Carmen grew up in Colorado Springs and has always had a love for math and science. Throughout her undergraduate career, she focused on applying engineering principles to solve biological problems and had a special interest in pharmaceuticals. After completing her BS, she felt compelled to explore the biomedical sciences more deeply, which led her to pursue a Master's in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology. She is particularly invested in breast cancer research because her mother is a survivor, and Carmen has made it her career goal to contribute to the advancement of cancer treatment options. 

Outside of her studies, Carmen spends all of her time baking sourdough, weightlifting, taking her dog on hikes, and spending time with her husband Ben. 

Patient Advocate Partners

Leigh Pate

Twitter: @LPSeattle 

Lori Petitti

Twitter: @hiplinemedia 

Tracy Cushing, MD


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Hey, we do fun things

Clockwise from left:
- Cheering on the Pirates while at the 2023 ILC Symposium in Pittsburgh, PA (they weren't playing the Rockies)
- The Joes on Halloween 2023
- Sikora Lab 2022 Mix Tape Cover
- Hot new Sikora Lab album drops in 2024
- Mini golf outing, Summer 2023

Lab Holidays 2023

Joe quickly caught on to axe throwing.

Camryn with a two-handed approach.

Maddy was disturbingly good at this...

Jordan's throw was too fast for the camera!

Michael could almost reach the target where he stood.

Sydney argues that it's all in the wrist.

The Lab shot (missed you, Maggie!)

Our +1's / better halves

The 2017 Hormone-Dependent Cancers GRC Metastasis Dance

Video: Becca Riggins (@Prof_Riggins)

Concept, Choreography, and Narration: Chris Sweeney (@ChrisSweens1)

Featuring: Luca Magnani as 'The Bone' (@MagnaniLab_ICL)

...and some poor sap as the metastasizing ER+ breast cancer cell

The 2019 Hormone-Dependent Cancers GRC Metastasis Dance

Video: Becca Riggins (@Prof_Riggins)

Concept, Choreography, and Narration: Chris Sweeney (@ChrisSweens1)

Featuring: Dan Frigo (@DanielFrigo) and Alex Swarbrick (@dralexswarbrick) as the big, bad Killer T cells

Also featuring: Lab alum Evelyn Bordeaux, keeping the T cells at bay as an immune suppressive signal.

...and some poor sap as the cancer cell doomed to destruction at the hands of modern cancer medicine!

2018 Department of Pathology Holiday Decorations

Join Evelyn as they tell the tale of Buddy the Elf!

(We take the holiday decoration contest VERY seriously.)

2019 Department of Pathology Holiday Decorations

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2022 Department of Pathology Holiday Decorations

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