Lay and science press features on the Sikora Lab's research, and media from outreach and advocacy programs.

2023 ILC Symposium:
Leigh Pate's impact on Sikora Lab Science & advocacy

At the 2023 ILC Symposium, Dr. Sikora presented during a memorial session for ILC advocate and Sikora Lab partner, Leigh Pate. Matt talked about how Leigh infleunced his 'career' in patient advoacy and Sikora Lab research. 9/29/23.

Lobular Breast Cancer:
ILC & CanCer Biology "Bootcamp"

Ahead of the 2023 ILC Symposium, we met to get our community up to speed on breast cancer biology, invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), “basic” cancer research, and what to expect at a scientific conference. Project Bridge Colorado joined us to discuss the ins and outs of communication between patients/advocates and researchers. 9/23/23.

Lobular Breast Cancer:
Research & Advocacy on the Front Range

Lobular breast cancer advocacy event at CU Anschutz for the new Front Range ILC advocacy group. Hear a research update from the Sikora Lab, learn more about advocacy and networking support from the U. Colorado Cancer Center and American Cancer Society, and learn about Front Range ILC's priorities in building local/regional advocacy and patient support. 4/6/23.

Lobular Breast Cancer:
Clinical Care, Patient Experience,
and the frontiers of ILC research in Colorado

Lobular breast cancer education & outreach event at CU Anschutz. Drs. Tracy Cushing, Anthony Elias, and Matthew Sikora discuss the patient experience with ILC, clinical management of ILC, and the ILC research program in the Sikora Lab; 6/1/22.

LBCA Advocate Chat: "Laboratory research logistics"

Discussion with the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance, asking what exactly is "basic" cancer research, and how do we build and support the laboratory? 7/20/22.

Susan G. Komen Advocates in science "Coffee talk"

Q&A on "Invasive lobular carcinoma and its complicated relationship with the estrogen receptor" with Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance advocates Leigh Pate and Laurie Hutcheson; 10/28/21.

ILC Symposium 2021 Highlights

Post-symposium discussion of research highlights by Dr. Sikora, for our patient and advocate community

ILC Symposium 2021

ILC Symposium 2021: DR. SIkora

Dr. Sikora's presentation on our ongoing research on estrogen receptor function in ILC - understanding estrogen signaling is not "one size fits all"

ILC Symposium 2021

American Cancer Society Theorylab

In this episode of the ACS TheoryLab podcast —which skews more toward a scientific audience until the last five minutes— two American Cancer Society grantees spoke with each other about their recently published new findings in breast cancer research. 

Full description, 6/2021

ILC research in the Sikora Lab

Denver7 ABC News - 8/20/2020

Respect your cells!

Researchers who don't test their serum could run into trouble, says Dr. Sikora.  

Baker, M. Reproducibility: Respect your cells!. Nature 537, 433–435 (2016).